Martha Stewart Talks About Her ‘Very Friendly’ Pet Peacocks

Martha Stewart, the renowned lifestyle guru, recently shared insights about her pet peacocks and the unique relationship she has with them. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Stewart revealed that her feathered friends are not only friendly but also communicate with her. She described how she talks to them in their own “awk, awk” language and they respond in kind. Stewart also emphasized that each peacock has its own distinct personality, some being shyer or bolder than others. Having a mix of males and females, she breeds them in her own incubator. Despite facing challenges, such as losing some of her peacocks to coyote attacks, Stewart continues to cherish and nurture her pets along with her other animals, claiming they all get along beautifully on her farm.

Martha Stewart Talks About Her Very Friendly Pet Peacocks


In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, lifestyle guru Martha Stewart opens up about her unique relationship with her pet peacocks. Stewart describes her peacocks as “very friendly birds” who communicate with her in their own special way. She also shares her experience with coyote attacks and the measures she has taken to protect her beloved peacocks. Additionally, Stewart discusses how her peacocks have become stars of social media and commercials, and highlights the harmonious interactions between her various pets on the farm. Lastly, this article provides a list of related articles that delve further into Martha Stewart’s life with her pets.

Martha Stewart’s Relationship with Her Pet Peacocks

Stewart’s bond with her pet peacocks is evident in the way she interacts with them. Whenever she goes near their enclosure, she takes the time to talk to them, mimicking their characteristic noise. Stewart shares that the peacocks respond to her and talk right back, creating a unique form of communication between them. This playful interaction not only amuses Stewart, but it also showcases the level of trust and comfort that exists between her and the peacocks.

Martha Stewart Talks About Her Very Friendly Pet Peacocks

The Unique Characteristics of Stewart’s Pet Peacocks

Each of Stewart’s peacocks possesses their own distinct personality. Some are shyer and more reserved, while others are bolder and love to show off their feathers. Stewart explains that she has a mixture of male and female peacocks, and she takes pride in breeding them herself. This allows her to observe and appreciate the diverse behaviors and traits displayed by her feathered companions.

Martha Stewart’s Experience with Coyote Attacks

Unfortunately, Stewart has faced the heartbreak of losing some of her pet peacocks to coyote attacks. Last summer, six of her beloved birds fell victim to these predators, prompting Stewart to take action. She expressed her sadness and frustration on Instagram, mourning the loss of the peacocks and seeking advice on dealing with the aggressive coyotes. Since then, Stewart has implemented preventive measures, such as not letting the remaining peacocks out of their yard and constructing a wire fencing enclosure to ensure their safety.

Martha Stewart Talks About Her Very Friendly Pet Peacocks

Stewart’s Peacocks as Stars of Social Media and Commercials

Stewart’s peacocks have become celebrities in their own right, starring in a social media video she filmed for Dunkin’ to promote iced coffee etiquette. The video showcases Stewart in the peacock enclosure on her property, demonstrating the proper way to shake an iced coffee in different social settings. This collaboration between Stewart and Dunkin’ highlights the fun and lighthearted nature of both the lifestyle guru and the brand.

Stewart’s Pets and Their Interactions

Apart from her pet peacocks, Stewart also has a variety of other animals on her farm, including geese and turkey. Surprisingly, these different species coexist harmoniously, according to Stewart. She shares that all her pets get along well, which speaks to the peaceful and nurturing environment she has created for them. Stewart’s ability to foster such positive interactions among her diverse group of pets showcases her love for animals and her dedication to providing them with a happy and fulfilling life.

Martha Stewart Talks About Her Very Friendly Pet Peacocks

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For readers interested in exploring more about Martha Stewart’s life with her pets, there are several related articles that delve into various aspects of her pet ownership journey. These articles cover a range of topics, from Stewart’s perspective on retirement to her experience preparing for the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ cover. They offer insights into her relationships with other animals, such as her cats and dogs, and shed light on her interactions with fellow celebrities. These articles provide a comprehensive view of Stewart’s life and the significant role that pets play in it.

In conclusion, Martha Stewart’s relationship with her pet peacocks is truly special. Her birds’ friendly nature and ability to communicate with her highlight the bond they share. Despite the challenges of coyote attacks, Stewart remains committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for her peacocks. Their presence extends beyond her private life and into the realm of social media and commercials, where they continue to captivate audiences. Stewart’s harmonious interactions with her various pets further emphasize her love for animals and their important role in her life.

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