Best Bird Food

Many wild birds love different seed types that offer premium nutrients and rich flavor. Goldfinches, cardinals, quail, and other wild birds will flock to your home area when you offer them the richest nutrients and best choices in seed. In general, wild birds tend to eat from tube or ground feeders, with ground birds such as sparrows and cardinals preferring an open ground unit or platform feeder. In general, it is best to feed birds based on breed, so that you select the seed that is most nutritious and well-liked by your favorite wild birds.

In terms of types of wild bird seed, you’ll find that sunflower, cracked corn, and millet seeds tend to be among the most popular and often-included seed types. Corn is often eaten by ravens, pheasants, cranes, and grouse, among other types of birds. It’s common to find that birds like corn — but it needs to be purchased online and specially prepared so that it is safe for birds to eat. Peanuts are also included in many types of wild bird seed and offer important nutrients, especially if offered in the shells. However, peanuts do sometimes become a target for squirrels and other pesky invaders, so it’s important to ensure that you keep them safe from outside predators.

Other key types of wild bird food include rapeseed and golden millet, as well as flax. These are seeds often considered fillers in packaged mix types, but they can end up as waste seed if your birds don’t typically eat them on their own. You’ll find that doves and juncos eat rapeseed, while canary seed is a great choice for cowbirds or sparrows. Sorghum is a good choice when trying to attract quails, thrashers, and jays, which prefer milo to sunflower seeds in some cases. Try to scatter the milo or sorghum on the ground.

Top Wild Bird Food

1) Wagner’s Greatest Variety Wild Bird Seed
Providing an excellent gourmet food blend with more than eleven ingredients that are natural and healthy for birds of all types, this seed provides high quality grains for blending and is made within the U.S.

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2) Farmer’s Delight Cherry Flavor Wild Bird Food

Containing a high-value blend of multiple seed types, this food can be used in tube or hopper feeders to provide variety to cardinals, finches, and other wild birds.
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3) Morning Song Deluxe Wild Bird Food

Providing sunflower seeds and prose millet, as well as safflower, the bird seed contained in this mix will give up to 40 pounds of food to your birds. You can also order smaller sizes.
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4) Kaytee Wild Bird Food

Attracting an enormous variety of birds, Kaytee Wild Bird Food is made in the U.S. and provides a packaged, fresh variety of seed to your wild birds. Highly rated and reviewed by customers.
5) Four Seasons Wild Bird Food

Providing general purpose feed for all types of wild birds, this food comes in a heavy woven bag that uses the highest quality grains for its blend. Made entirely in the U.S., this seed is safe for all species of wild birds and will provide top-quality nutrients.

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Bird Food Selection Tips

Choosing the best type of bird food for your feeder depends on the types of birds you expect to be visiting your back yard. You may find there are a number of different species, such as cardinals, finches, and others. For most mixtures, you will find that fillers are added that have oats and red millet — none of which your birds need. It’s better to find a pure mix that only contains what the birds need.

Certain types of seed and bird feed are best for ensuring that birds get nutrients while keeping bacteria and other contaminants to a minimum. You’ll find that your living arrangements actually have an impact on the type of feed that works best for your feeder. For example, those who live in close-quarters such as apartments, or who don’t find it easy to rake up shells from seeds beneath the feeders, should turn to shelled sunflower seeds. This is because the seed won’t get all over your home area and make a mess — and will offer the most rich nutrients to birds through the form of sunflower hearts.

Types of Bird Food

The main types of bird food include seeds, which have a variety of nutrients. The main seed types include canary seed, golden millet or flax, sorghum, peanuts, cracked or shelled corn, white prose, thistle or nyjer seed, safflower, and sunflower seed. These are the premium types of bird food you’ll find available, and the ones you should foremost seek when selecting the best type of food for your needs.

Bird Food Prices

Prices for bird food range from $10 or $15 per bag to a bit more than $30 or $40 if you are ordering a large supply. Many bags come in pound ranges that vary from 10 to 40 pounds, so depending on how many birds you have in your area, you may need more seed.

Bird Food Brands

The top bird food brands include Kaytee and Wagner’s, which both offer a number of different seed types. Wagner’s is the largest bird food supplier. Morning Song and Lyric are two other reputable brands that provide ideal bird food — as well as Tasty Bug Treats if you are seeking died mealworms for your birds to feast on.

Feeding Birds Tips

When it comes to feeding birds, be sure to choose a feeder appropriate to the type of bird you want to attract. Tube feeders are generally good for wild birds, as well as hopper feeders or ground feeders. It’s important to know the types of feed that are best for your breeds, as well. For example, finches tend to love nyjer and thistle seeds, which are imported and devoured by finches of all types. For doves, cardinals sparrows, and quails, white millet is an excellent choice as it offers taste and premium nutrients. Since it is the preferred food of ground feeding birds, you will find that it’s a good idea to set out about what your birds will be eating each day when spreading feed onto the ground.