Bird Baths

Choosing the right bird bath is an important selection. When trying to bring in plenty of beautiful and varied bird species, you’ll need to make sure you find a bath that is appropriate in size and design as well as attractive to birds of all types. Budget and cost is another key part of choosing a bird bath, and should be taken into account when making your selection.
There are many types of bird baths, including pedestal units, hanging bird baths, and platform designs. You’ll find that when choosing a bath, climate also plays an important consideration as northern, colder climates need heated birdbaths in order to keep the water comfortable for different species.

Top Bird Baths

1) Gardman Pedestal Birdbath

Using a special verdigris design and tough weather resistant material, this unit is great for providing birds with an easy-to-setup and clean bath. Using an attractive, functional platform, birds can easily enjoy water through this bird bath.

2) Antique Bronze Pedestal Bath

Produced by Gardman, a leading designer of bird baths, this unit requires no assembly tools and provides a simple stability unit with sand or water as the filler material in the pedestal pole at the center. Made from antique bronze, this beautiful design is functional and stylish at the same time.

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3) Benba Cast Iron Bird Bath

Providing traditional or seed birdbaths, this unit has a lovely flower border metal stake positioning addition that lets you move the unit wherever you wish. Great design for gardens or flowered areas in the yard. You can add mealworms and suet treats as well.

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4) First Nature Globe Style Bird Bath

With a reservoir holding up to a hundred ounces of water and fresh replenishment, this unit is attractive, stylish, and functional. Provides birds with a great source of fresh water at all times.

5) Bloem Promo Bird Bath

Draws birds right into the yard area with a fully durable two piece bath unit. Comes in a number of different color choices. Great for birds of all breeds and types.

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Bird Bath Selection Tips

Choosing a bird bath can be a difficult selection when trying to pick the best options for appearance, comfort, and height of the bath. Finding a unit that offers the right depth and accommodations for your birds while still remaining attractive to view is important. When selecting a bird bath, you will also want to compare pricing options, design, and cleanliness, as well as the appropriate climate for placing your bath.

When selecting a bird bath, you’ll need to consider design, appearance, and size, among other factors. Cost is important since you’ll need to prepare an appropriate budget as part of your considerations. Be certain to also investigate key features such as cleanliness and water area. If your unit allows for moving water, you’ll be able to keep bacteria and algae to a minimum, which is important in choosing a bath that will appropriately house birds while keep hygiene at its best rate.

Water movement is better, as a general rule, than stagnate water that sits inside the basin and does not move. A fountain, bubbler, water spray, or dripper can help to attract lots of different bird species as birds enjoy natural moving water. Additionally, the height of your bath plays an important role as smaller birds like taller units that have more view range. Ducks, quails, and doves like ground basins as they are ground feeders and prefer to be lower.

Types of Bird Baths

There are a few different types of bath, including the basic standing platform design, pedestal baths, and hanging birdbaths. The main types of bird baths will include an area for water to be contained while also offering a fountain or moving water area. You may also find that some birdbaths are higher than others, depending on the species meant to be attracted to the unit.
Additionally, some bird baths have intricate mosaics, sculptures, and designs, which can be harder to clean. Consider how often you plan to hose down and inspect the unit to make sure it is fully hygiene for birds to use. If you don’t think you’ll be able to maintain it at least once or twice per week, try to get a smaller unit with fewer parts to keep free of dirt and bacteria.

Bird Bath Sizes

Sizing for bird baths usually starts at about 12 inches for the smaller units and goes up to 20 or more inches in terms of height. For width, they are usually appropriately sized, being about 12-24 inches in width as well. The taller your bird bath, the wider it will be, as a rule.

Bird Bath Brands

Brands for bird baths include Gardman, First Nature, and Bloem as primary providers. You can also find smaller off brands available as part of the main offerings for bird bath brands.

Bird Bath Prices

Prices for bird baths include those that start around $20 for smaller units to more than $80 for more elaborate designs and structures. Expect to pay about $40 for an average, durable, attractive bird bath. In general, the more you pay, the better your bath will be in terms of design and construction. It’s best to budget a bit more so you’ll be able to own a lasting, well-constructed design.

Cost of bird bath types depends on the model and brand you choose, with larger units typically being more expensive. However, it is possible to select a bird bath that still fits into your budget while providing attractive, inviting accommodations to various bird species. Try to choose the model that is most affordable while still allowing your birds to drink happily from it.

Attracting Birds to Your Bird Bath

In order to attract birds to your unit, you will need to consider several important factors. These include cleanliness, height, design, and moving water as part of the bath’s structure. You’ll want to place the bird bath in an area that is attractive to birds, such as a place that is most similar to their natural habitat. Placing the bath around a place where there are flowers, trees, and other natural sources of foliage will encourage birds to bathe there.