Large Capacity Bird Feeders

Choosing a large capacity bird feeder is one of the best choices you can make when trying to attract a large number of different birds to your yard. You can bring cardinals, finches, and all different colors and varieties of birds using a high capacity feeder. These feeders hold more than traditional feeders in terms of seed type and amount, and will allow many different birds to perch at the same time.

Top Large Capacity Bird Feeders

1) Stokes Select Large Capacity Feeder

Stokes Select Large Capacity Feeder

Including a five pound seed capacity, this unit holds plenty of feed for perching and clinging birds, who are highly attracted to the unit. Brings titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, and a number of other bird types to the yard.

2) Stokes Giant Combo Feeder

Stokes Giant Combo Feeder

Includes multiple feed positions for birds as well as a capacity for more than eight pounds of seed. Using a special seed diverter, this product keeps seed highly fresh and safe for birds of all types.

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3) Homestead Triple Bin Bird Feeder

Homestead Triple Bin Bird Feeder

Holds more than eleven mixed seed pounds as well as three different types of seed at the same time. Includes removable easy fill roof. Made entirely within the U.S.

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4) More Birds Abundance Feeder

More Birds Abundance Feeder

A high capacity feeder that holds up to six pounds of seed, this unit includes thistle inserts for nyjer and thistle seeds as well as different perch sizes for a variety of birds. Ports are adjustable and will serve any type of seed you wish.

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5) Stovall Extra Large Barn Bird Feeder

Stovall Extra Large Barn Bird Feeder

A large capacity mixed seed style feeder, this unit has a post mount design to help birds of all types easily get to feed. Holds up to 25 pounds and is made from all cedar.

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Feeder Selection Tips

When choosing a high capacity bird feeder, you’re looking for a few main aspects: size, seed variety, and perching area. High capacity feeders are largely intended for a multitude of bird types and breeds, so you will need to provide seed that is appropriate to their species. Droll Yankees has put out a number of great feeders, as well as Stovall and More Birds. It’s important to choose a good brand for your feeder.

Additionally, be sure to look for specific features in the feeder you select, such as the perch area, removable base for cleaning that is simple and safe, and ease of access to the feeding refill area. Be sure to choose a unit that does not cause you to have to struggle when filling the seed area. It’s vital to find a unit that also includes a full lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong with your feeder.

There are a number of different feeders available, based on type and size of the birds you wish to attract. Some are squirrel proof and also have suit or seed cake areas. Other feeders may be attached to the window, while some include glass, fruit, or finch aspects. You may find both platform and ground feeders, and all of these come in high-capacity for those seeking to feed a number of different birds at one time.

Build Your Own Large Capacity Feeder

To build your own large capacity feeder, first select a plan that is appropriate for your needs. Some feeder plans include specific materials needed such as mesh, wire, wood, and plastic. You can assemble all the needed materials selected from a local hardware store or online.

When you have chosen all your materials, you can then move on to the next step of building your high capacity feeder, which is to put together each component. After you have completed this step, you will need to test out the feeder to make sure it is safe and secure for birds to perch on.

Large Capacity Bird Feeder Tips

When selecting a large capacity bird feeder, try to choose a unit that is easy to clean and refill. It is important to give birds plenty of different seed varieties, particularly those that will be appropriate for their type. Cardinals, for example, enjoy sunflower seeds — black sunflower seeds being the best. Finches, on the other hand, like nyjer seed, which some feeders allow for specifically.

Try to place your feeder somewhere that is safe and comfortable for birds to perch. For example, if you have a highly wooded area where birds can go to experience a secluded, safe feeling, this will give them the sense that they are in a nesting ground. When enjoying such a setting, birds feel more inclined to safely feed and do not have any qualms about going to your feeder.

Some feeders also include weather proof aspects such as a gazebo style, hanging roof, or other type of mechanism that keeps the birds safe from rain and other weather. This will also help to attract new birds to your feeder, making their feeding space enjoyable and protected.

Attracting Different Birds to Your Feeder

The best way to attract a number of different species and varieties of birds to your feeder is to include feed types that they like. This may be cracked corn, sunflower seeds, nyjer and thistle seeds, and also sunflower hearts. Many birds can get to the seed with the shell on, but you’ll have less clutter if you select a type of feed that removes the shell.

Also, try to add a source of running water nearby. All birds like to have easy access to a bath or drinking area, and if you can include this as part of your setup, you’ll have a much easier time bringing more birds. When you are setting up your feeder, you may wish to install a fountain nearby as a source of bathing and water.

One last tip on attracting birds is to make the feeder as squirrel proof as possible. Some birds will avoid a feeder if it is constantly being bombarded by squirrels, which tend to steal the seeds right from the unit. You can find a specific squirrel proof feeder to avoid this problem, or add a squirrel baffle or feeder pole mount with anti-squirrel mechanics. The key to getting squirrels away is be prepared for their arrival and plan accordingly.