Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Choosing a glass hummingbird feeder is a great way to add an elegant and sturdy design to your lawn or garden area. If you’re hoping to attract multiple types of beautiful hummers to your home, a glass feeder is a great choice, being both affordable and attractive. Glass hummingbird feeders come in multiple styles and sizes, holding anywhere from 4 to 32 ounces. If you have many birds visiting your yard and an area of large activity, you may wish to purchase a bigger feeder. The main brands to look for include Perky Pet, More Birds, and Contempo Creatures, as well as Birds Choice.

We have selected 10 of the best glass hummingbird feeders based on user feedback, brand reputation, and number of features for each glass unit. Additionally, our selections include feeders that are safe for birds to use. Be sure to place your feeder at least five feet away from a window or cover any windows with blinds or curtains to prevent hummer injuries.

1) Perky Pet Glass Pinch Waist Feeder 203CPBN

Perky Pet Glass Pinch Waist Feeder 203CPBN

The Perky Pet Glass Pinch Waist Feeder is a small, compact choice for those seeking a simple to clean, easy to fill feeder. Includes built in guards to keep bees and ants away and allow for a full eight ounces of nectar.

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2) More Birds Vintage Glass Antique Feeder

More Birds Vintage Glass Antique Feeder

A beautifully-crafted, upscale style of antique hummingbird feeder, this glass feeder attracts birds to the yard or window all throughout the season. It is safe for dishwasher use and can be washed by hand as well. Includes over 4 ports of multiple birds to feed at once.

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3) Perky Pet Antique Feeder

Perky Pet Antique Feeder

Featuring a sixteen ounce capacity for nectar as well as a beautiful red hand blown glass design, the Perky Pet antique feeder includes brushed copper as well as other metals in its design. Attracts many types of birds and is highly rated by users.

4) Perky Pet 447 Glass 10 Ounce Round Feeder

Perky Pet 447 Glass 10 Ounce Round Feeder

Including a tempered durable glass design to contain 10 ounces of nectar as well as provide ports for multiple birds at once, the Perky Pet feeder allows plenty of types of birds to come to your yard to feed. Includes removable base for easy filling and cleaning.

5) Perky Pet Hobnail Vintage Glass Feeder

Perky Pet Hobnail Vintage Glass Feeder

Including 16 ounce capacity and a special hobnail glass vintage design, the Perky Pet Vintage feeder includes four feed ports and a wide opening at the mouth for ease with cleaning and filling. Includes luster finish in red color for attracting multiple birds at once.

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6) Best Home Products Glass Autumn Feeder

Best Home Products Glass Autumn Feeder

Attracts numerous birds to the yard with beautiful hand blow glass design and wide mouth for easy filling. Includes an S hook to hang anywhere you desire. Makes a great gift for nature lovers in the family.

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7) Birds Choice 32 Ounce Feeder

Birds Choice 32 Ounce Feeder

Made from glass, the Birds Choice feeder is a large and elegant design for those who have many different birds visiting the yard at once. Rated highly by users, this design is easy to clean and features over 8 different nectar ports.

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8) Couronne Co. Hummingbird Feeder

Couronne Co. Hummingbird Feeder

Designed from recycled glass, this feeder features a 3.5 ounce capacity and a unique and elegant design. Brings plenty of different species of birds to dine on nectar at will.

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9) Mason Jar Glass Feeder

Mason Jar Glass Feeder

Holding up to 32 ounces of nectar, the Mason Jar design is made from hand blown glass and designed in a blue antique style. The perch holds five different feed ports secured over a metal base for sturdy quality. Plenty of beautiful birds will be drawn to your yard with the Mason Jar Glass Feeder design.

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10) Elixir Red Antique Glass Feeder from More Birds

Elixir Red Antique Glass Feeder from More Birds

Featuring a beautiful upscale appearance, the Elixir Red Feeder from More Birds is safe to be used in the dishwasher or able to be hand washed as well. With plenty of ports to allow birds to feed, this unit is quite large and can be hung from any limb or hook you wish.

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Benefits of Glass Feeders

There are a number of benefits to having a glass hummingbird feeder, including sturdier quality and better outward design. Many glass feeders are hand crafted and can pass as a unique artistic piece or ornament on your lawn. Adding beauty, style, and flare, a glass feeder is also easy to clean and fill. Glass feeders do not warp the way plastic feeders often do, and since they are so elegant and brightly colored, birds tend to be very attracted to them. Additionally, some feeders are made from recycled glass, which is better for the environment as a whole.

Glass Feeder Replacement Parts

Finding the best glass feeder replacement parts is sometimes necessary when a piece from your feeder design happens to wear out or break. You can find some of the most important replacement parts such as feeder suction cups, replacement bottles and reservoirs, and addition bee guards and ant moats. You can also find replacement feeding ports, hanging wires, and feeder port covers, as well as replacement bases and perches.

Keeping Your Feeder Clean

The feeder should be cleaned and nectar replaced every three or four days. In the hotter months, you may need to clean the feeder more often. Additionally, if black spots start to form within the feeder, be sure to scrub this part out with a bottle brush or special feeder cleaning brush. Avoid using detergent on the feeder, and instead simply use warm water and soap.

Attracting Birds

Bringing hummingbirds to the yard with your new beautifully crafted glass hummingbird feeder may be a bit of a challenge if you are new to the process. Sometimes the feeder may take a week or two to really start bringing birds in. Since feeders always include red, you should be able to attract birds without needing to add additional red parts to it. However, if there doesn’t seem to be enough red on your feeder, tie a red ribbon or place it around an area with plenty of flowers near to the feeder. As flowers start to bloom in your yard, you might find hummingbirds flocking to those instead of your feeder. Don’t be concerned, though; hummingbirds love nectar of all types, and as the flowers begin to fade, the birds will return to your feeder at will.