Giant Hummingbird Feeders

Finding a giant hummingbird feeder is a great way to make sure you are adequately supplying plenty of birds with nectar. In addition, giant feeders don’t require refilling as much as other types of feeders. If you have many different hummingbirds coming to your yard at the same time, it’s a good idea to have lots of nectar available for each one of them so you don’t run into an issue of hungry birds.

Additionally, giant feeders tend to attract more birds simply because there is more nectar available in one place. Your backyard hummingbird community can quickly start to flourish when you have a giant feeder, especially one with insect protection and bright colors to bring many birds at once. Be sure to place the feeder somewhere birds will happily seek out and dine on nectar.

Choosing a Giant Hummingbird Feeder

The type of giant hummingbird feeder you chose may include glass or plastic design. Glass tends to be more durable while plastic sometimes warps or shows signs of wear and tear more quickly. When choosing your feeder, be sure to select a design that’s both attractive and long-lasting to ensure your feeder will last for years to come.

Top 10 Giant Hummingbird Feeders

Below are 10 of the best giant hummingbird feeders. Brands to look for include Songbird Essentials, Best Feeders, Perky Pet, and First Nature.

1) Perky Pet 220 Grand Master Feeder

Perky Pet 220 Grand Master

Featuring 6 feed ports, a 48 oz nectar reservoir, and a large mouth design to let many birds feed at once, the Grand Master feeder is a giant hummingbird feeder that lets you quickly fill and clean it. Painted and designed in bright attractive red to bring feeders to the yard quickly. Easy to monitor levels of nectar for refilling.

2) Best 72 Ounce Feeder

Best 72 Ounce Feeder

A giant hummingbird feeder designed to hold 72 ounces, this unique feeder makes an excellent gift and is easy to clean. Holding a large amount of nectar while attracting birds of all types, this one will keep your hummers happy for years to come. Rated highly by users, the feeder comes in an attractive design that is also simple to disassemble and replace should any parts need to be changed.

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3) First Nature 32 Ounce Giant Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature 32 Ounce Giant Hummingbird

The First Nature 3090 Giant feeder includes a polymer durability design that allows for 10 flower ports in yellow color. Also includes a built in ant moat and round perch area for birds to rest and feed upon.

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4) More Birds Giant Hummingbird Feeder

More Birds Giant Hummingbird

Containing up to 40 ounces of nectar in the nectar, the More Birds Giant Feeder is a great choice for those needing to supply lots of different hummingbird breeds in the yard. Featuring an attractive and sturdy design, this unit helps to supply plenty of hummers with nectar every day.

5) First Nature Giant Red Feeder

First Nature Giant Red

Including a wide mouth reservoir and special 2 part base, this unit holds up to 32 ounces of nectar and hangs from a large hook. Highly rated and featured as one of the best recommended feeders available.

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6) Perky Pet Giant Mason Jar Feeder

Perky Pet Giant Mason Jar

With a 32 ounce capacity in the reservoir, this feeder features a special red mason jar design and five beautifully designed feeding ports in flower style. Holds many birds together.

7) Brushed Copper Glass Giant Feeder

Brushed Copper Glass Giant

This giant hummingbird feeder is an antique brushed copper design holding up to 32 ounces . Using a metal base, sturdy glass bottle, and brushed copper finish, the unit has 5 feed stations and a decorative hanger as part of its shipment. Attractive and durable.

8) Songbird Essentials 80 Ounce Feeder

Songbird Essentials 80 Ounce

A giant hummingbird feeder that has a wide mouth jar and special 2 piece base for cleaning access, the Songbird Essentials feeder is one of the largest feeders available. Holding up to 80 ounces, you can go for longer periods before having to refill this one.

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9) Kettle Moraine 80 Oz Feeder

Kettle Moraine 80 Oz

A large feeder made from plastic that has 10 feed ports, this unit is highly rated and durable. Plastic bottle can be hung or mounted depending on where you wish to place it.

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10) Best Feeder 32 Ounce Giant Design

Best Feeder 32 Ounce Giant Design

The Best Giant Hummingbird Feeder has 32 ounces as its capacity and bright yellow and red coloring to attract a number of different birds. Prevents ants and bees from getting to nectar while also providing multiple birds a place to rest and dine on nectar.

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