Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeders

Obtaining a good bee proof hummingbird feeder is important in preventing pesky insects from getting to the precious nectar inside your feeder. You want only hummingbirds to be able to access this nectar, and sometimes having insects coming around the yard can be a tricky problem to deal with. Thankfully, there are plenty of available bee proof hummingbird feeder designs available.

Top 10 Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeders

Below, we have ranked the top 10 bee proof hummingbird feeders available.

1) Perky Pet Pinch Waist Bee Proof Feeder

Perky Pet Pinch Waist Bee Proof

Featuring a special bee guard for protecting nectar at all times, the Perky Pet Pinch Waist feeder also comes with a built in ant moat and eight ounce nectar reservoir. Easy for birds to get to the nectar while keeping insects away.

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2) Aspects 16 Ounce Bee Proof Feeder

Aspects 16 Ounce Bee Proof

With a built in deep dish design to keep inserts from getting to nectar, this hummingbird feeder can be mounted on posts or hung wherever you desire. Raised flower design keeps rain from getting to nectar while still making it accessible to hummers.

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3) First Nature 32 Ounce Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature 32 Ounce Bee Proof Hummingbird

With a durable patented two part base and wide mouth reservoir design, this feeder features ten feed ports to let petty of birds feed at once. With a bright red color, this feeder attracts birds of all types while also preventing bees from getting to the nectar.

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4) Perky Pet447-12 Round Bee Proof Feeder

Perky Pet447-12 Round Bee Proof

With a tempered glass holder and durable design, this feeder protects the nectar from bees while making it easy to watch nectar levels. Allows many birds to feed at the same time while also keeping pesky insects away.

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5) We Love Hummingbirds Bee Proof Design Feeder

We Love Hummingbirds Bee Proof Design

With a small and simple setup, this copper feeder is durable and high quality while also being timeless, beautiful, and long lasting. Great for display while also keeping bees and wasps out of the nectar at all times.

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Tips for Keeping Bees Away From Your Feeders

While having a hummingbird feeder in your yard can be a beautiful and refreshing addition to the day, having pesky bees flying around and getting at your nectar makes it very difficult to manage your feeder. Thankfully, there are a few simple tips that can prevent bees from accessing your nectar.

Cleaning Feeders

Keeping your feeders clean at all times is critical in keeping bees away. If nectar leaks from the base of the ports, feeders will quickly start to draw in bees and other pests. Use a simple sponge with soap and plenty of water to clean the feeder ports and base.

Choose Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder Designs

Many feeders come with built-in feeder prevention methods such as bee guards and ant moats. These keep bees and other insects from getting to the nectar while still keeping hummers able to access it easily. These feeders position nectar in such a way that the ports are kept restricted to birds and bees cannot access them.

Feeder Placement

If you continually move the feeder even just a few feet, you may be surprised at what an effective deterrent this is. Insects tend to go to one source of convenient food while being discouraged if you move the feeder often. Hummingbirds, however, will keep coming back over and over since they know that the food source is still there. Keep moving your feeder whenever ants or bees show up and you’ll likely be able to deter insects from revisiting.

Use Caution When Preventing Insects

Be sure never to add petroleum jelly, cooking oil, menthol or cough syrup, or any type of insect deterrent that could harm hummingbirds. Feathers are easily damaged and can get trapped by these types of substances, making them important to keep away from insects at all times. Also avoid spraying chemicals or pesticide sprays near the feeders, as this can cause serious harm to hummingbirds of all types.

Keep Yellow Objects Away

The color yellow tends to attract bees and insects a great deal while the color red is especially attractive to birds alone. If feeders have yellow guards or accents for the flowers, your feeder may not be as good at keeping insects away. If you do find that your feeder has yellow accents, simply repaint with non toxic red paint to ensure the feeder is kept safe from bees.