Goldfinch Bird Feeders

Goldfinches are beautiful and interesting birds that are also quite small and dainty. Having these little creatures flocking to your home to feed is a rewarding and enriching experience. To feed goldfinches, you may want to place your feeder in an area close to a window or viewing location, so you can easily catch sight of them when they appear.

Attracting finches is less difficult than other birds, in some cases, as they love to eat nyjer seed and will often gravitate to areas that have this type of food. When getting birds to come to your feeder, you’ll want to experiment with locations, finding the best place to put your feeder so that you can easily spot new birds and take note of their patterns. By logging their typically feeding routine, you can figure out how best to place your feeder so they’ll flock to it naturally.

Top Goldfinch Feeders

1) Perky Pet Goldfinch Feeder

Perky Pet Goldfinch

Holding up to 2 pounds of finch or thistle seed mix, this goldfinch feeder is a great choice for users who wish to provide birds with a simple perch for birds to feed undisturbed. Includes feeding tube and cap that is 100% weather resistant.

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2) Woodlink Magnum Thistle Feeder

Woodlink Magnum Thistle

Great for goldfinches, this feeder includes simple opening tops and a metal mesh screen to ensure that feed is kept safe and well-protected at all times. Holds up to three quarter of a pound of seed.

3) Woodlink Tails Up Finch Feeder

Woodlink Tails Up Finch

Attracting more goldfinches than ever, this unit allows finches to easily feed upside down as they are most comfortable doing. Using an easy to clean and fill mechanism, the unit holds up to one and a quarter pounds of Nyjer seed.

4) Droll Yankees 36-Inch Finch Feeder

Droll Yankees 36-Inch Finch Feeder

Including 20 seed ports to provide finches with lots of feeding stations, this chew proof unit includes a hang loop made from stainless steel wire. UV stabilized, the unit is age resistant and offers a number of feeding ports for better access by birds.

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5) Goldfinch Bottoms Up Feeder

Goldfinch Bottoms Up

Including small holes that help to dispense nyjer in an economic way, this unit holds up to one pound of seed. Includes feeders that can quickly be pole mounted using special Droll Yankees system as well as a sturdy, durable reservoir for holding seed.

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Choosing the right goldfinch feeder is a crucial part of bringing these beautiful birds to your home to feed. During their nesting season end, the goldfinch change in appearance, their feathers changing from bright yellow to a deeper brown for winter. When the sun comes again, goldfinches turn to their characteristic gold color, which many know them for.

Goldfinches love to eat nyjer seed, which is a blend that looks similar to wild rice. It is loved by finches due to its high protein and fat content. Nyjer is generally a great choice for attracting finches, and should be part of your plan when selecting a feeder. Feeders usually include an upside down perching ability, since many finches love to feed this way. You can also mix nyjer with sunflower kernels.

Goldfinch Feeder Sizes

Sizes for finch feeders range from smaller units which are about 4-10 inches long to larger ones that measure more than a foot. But in general, finch feeders are not that large, simply because the birds themselves aren’t that big, either. An average sized feeder will easily hold several goldfinches at once.

Goldfinch Feeder Prices

Prices for goldfinch feeders range from $10-$20 for entry level models to upwards of $30 of $40 for bigger units. But in general, the average price for a feeder will cost about $20, which is enough to get everything you need for a durable and long-lasting feeder. Be sure to choose a feeder that will feed as many birds as you plan to host in your yard.

Goldfinch Feeder Plans

To find a house or tube style feeder plan, simply do a quick search online and you should be able to quickly locate one. A good finch feeder plan will help you build the unit that works best for your needs, letting you easily assemble the feeder for birds to eat from.

Building Your Own Goldfinch Feeder

To build your own feeder, simply gather the best plan for your needs, such as a house feeder, a platform feeder, or a tube feeder. Finches love to eat from tube feeders since this style lets them eat upside down. When building a tube feeder, you will need plastic or glass for the reservoir, which will be part of your plan materials.

When assembling adequate wood, plastic, metal, and materials for securing the unit such as glue or ties, be sure to follow your plan instructions carefully. When you have appropriately gathered all materials, follow your plan for assembly. You may need a wire cutter, pliers, or saw to adequately size your feeder.

When it’s fully assembled, try placing the feeder at different locations until you’ve found one that is appropriate for attracting plenty of finches. Finches tend to congregate in secure wooded areas with shrubs and trees to keep them safe. When placing your feeder, be sure to give them an area that is quiet but appropriately covered so they can easily access the feeder while feeling secure. You can also add sources of water such as a fountain or pool, which they will generally enjoy.

Goldfinch Food

Goldfinches love sunflower seeds and kernels, as well as nyjer seed. When first introducing them to your feeder, nyjer seed is a great choice, since they will take it it immediately. You can also find blends of nyjer, sunflower, and other types of seed at local pet stores, or make these blends yourself.

Goldfinch Feeding Tips

To feed your goldfinches, try to hang your feeder somewhere they’ll gravitate toward. Using a tube feeder, you can place the food source somewhere such as near plants and flowers, which will naturally attract finches. As small birds, they can be a bit difficult to spot if you don’t keep the feeder close enough to your viewing area. For this reason, you may want to place the feeder near a window pane so you can see them appropriately.