Finch Bird Feeders

Choosing a finch feeder for attracting beautiful birds to your yard is a great way to ensure that you bring the most vibrant finches to your area every year. When the season is right, finches will quickly flock to a source of food they find preferable. Feeders that allow finches to easily perch and obtain food are a great way to get birds coming to your yard time and time again. When selecting a finch feeder, keep in mind that finches love to line nests with thistle down, making it a great addition to the yard where you plan to add the feeder. You’ll be looking at June through early September as the main time frame when finches tend to flock to the yard. When trying to attract finches, the feeder should have proper feed added to it, which stored in a cool area for optimal preservation.

Finches tend to eat seed more than other types of food, but they really enjoy jelly and jam as well as fruit. The key to attracting many finches to your yard is to mix the correct types of seed and offer varied food types, especially in a way that will be attractive to these vibrant birds. Try to give your birds a place to have their own feeder, as well, since finches tend to be territorial and possessive about feeding as well. They prefer to have their own area to feed and will seek out isolated spots.

Top 15 Finch Feeders

1) Perky Pet Upside Down Finch Feeder

Perky Pet Upside Down Finch

Holding 2 pounds or more of finch seed and mix, this unit provides upside down feed ports to let finches of all types use the feeder without interruption. Also had a feeding tube and cap that are resistant to weather.

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2) Stokes Finch Feeder .6 Seed Capacity

Stokes Finch Feeder .6 Seed

Holding up to .6 pounds of seed, this unit is made from high density, durable plastic that is simple for cleaning and filling. Providing a hanging ring that is large and simple to set up, the unit provides protection to both seed and animals from the weather.

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3) Kaytee Finch Feeder Station

KayteeFinch Feeder Station

This feeder makes it easier than ever to get beautiful finches into your yard. Finches tend to prefer soft mesh units, which is what this one is made from. With the sock design, you will find that finches can perch anywhere, letting as many birds as you wish eat together. Using the sock soft mesh, the Kaytee finch unit lets birds eat their fill. Highly rated.

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4) Woodlink Magnum Finch Feeder

Woodlink Magnum Finch

Offering containment of up to three quarters of a pound of seed, the unit also contains tray drain holes. Using metal mesh screening and powder coating, this feeder is a great choice thanks to its simple to open top and fill.

5) Finch Station 2

Finch Station 2

A pliable, soft mesh unit, this feeder holds more than seven pounds of food, making it a great way to feed lots of birds at once. Holding a cable that is intended to be hung for simple refilling and food providing, this is one feeder for finches that you won’t want to miss.

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6) No/No Yellow Finch Feeder

No No Yellow Finch Feeder

Offering high quality no-no metal construction, this design offers a full mesh feeding area to ensure birds are allowed to eat all day long while also having a safe place to perch. Unit baffles keep seed safe along the whole feeder.

7) Green and Black Finch Feeder

Green and Black Finch Feeder

Offering metal construction to prevent disease, this unit can be used year round while attracting plenty of finches. Holds 2 pounds of thistle while feeding as many as fifteen birds at the same time.

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8) Stokes Finch Feeder With Roof

Stokes Finch Feeder With Roof

Holding up to 1.1 seed pounded, this unit keeps finch mix safely inside. Attracts pink siskins, purple and house finches, and goldfinches as well.

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9) Droll Yankees 20 Port Feeder

Droll Yankees 20 Port Feeder

This thistle feeder contains as many as twenty different feeding ports in a finish that is attractive to all types of finches. Including chew proof steel hanger, the unit ensures that your feed ports give maximum access to food while staying safe for all birds.

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10) Perky Pet Finch Feeder With 8 Ports

Perky Pet Finch Feeder With 8 Ports

Containing up to 2 pounds of seed or mix, this unit has 8 feed ports and a shatterproof reservoir to make your feed stay safe inside. Simple cleaning and filling mechanism.

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11) Woodlink Brushed Copper Seed Tube Feeder

Woodlink Brushed Copper Seed Tube Feeder

Including a 4 port thistle feeder, this unit gives birds plenty of variety for perching locations. Add finch mix or thistle feed.

Check it out: WoodlinkBrushedCopperSeedTubeFeeder

12) Brome Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder

Brome Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder

Offering feeder that keeps squirrels out while giving up to one and a half quarts of birdseed, this unit brings plenty of perching and clinging finches to the yard. You can place the feeder anywhere you wish in the yard, as well.

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13) Woodlink Tails Up Finch Feeder

Woodlink Tails Up Finch Feeder

Offering an upside down ending mechanism, this unit helps to attract finches while being clean and filling-simple. Holds up to one and a quarter pounds of birdseed. One of the most highly rated feeders, this one tends to attract more finches thanks to its perch area and bird-friendly design.

14) 8-Inch Finch Flocker

8-Inch Finch Flocker

Offering a total of 4 different perching areas, this feeder lets birds eat up to a half pound of seed. Great for finches of all types. This unit is brightly colored to attract plenty of different bird types and allows for greater seed addition thanks to its large reservoir.

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15) No No Bronze Finch Feeder

No No Bronze Finch Feeder

Feeds up to fifteen birds at once while holding more than 2.5 pounds of seed. Great for finches of all varieties. Constructed 100% of metal. Thanks to durable construction, this is one of the best units for holding plenty of seed while still providing a comfortable and safe area for birds to rest while feeding.

Finch Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing a finch feeder is of critical importance when seeking to attract these beautiful and vibrant birds to your yard. Known also as American goldfinches to birdwatchers, this tiny bird has very bright yellow feathers and a beautiful white trim. The finch is drawn to attractive, safe habitats, so by choosing the right finch feeder, you can bring plenty of birds to your yard.

Choosing the best feeder for finches is usually dependent on picking a feeder that is of the “peck and cling” variety, since finches like to cling to grass or flower tips in the wild. Choosing a feeder that lets them cling to the side will give them the right kind of perch.

Finches tend to mate later in seasons than most birds do. For this reason, it’s a good idea to plan your feeder choice accordingly. When the weeds and thistles start to ripen, birds will choose those over other sources of food — but they will also flock to a feeder for thistles in summer months.

Types of Finch Feeders

There are a few different types of finch feeders including mesh or sock feeders, plastic tube feeders, and metal feeders. Mesh feeders with socks are highly popular because birds tend to prefer these kinds of feeders over all others.

Types of feeders include black oil sunflower seed feeders, thistle seed feeders, and nijer seed feeders. Finches love to eat each type of seed, preferring nijer above all. Most finches will come to the yard in sections of 30 or more birds per flock. If you keep your seed stored at a nice, cool, refrigerated temperature, you should be able to ensure that it stays safe and dry and ready to be eaten by hungry finches.

Finch Feeder Sizes

Sizes for finch feeders range from small feeders around 2-8 inches in length to larger ones that are over several feet in width and length. For smaller tube or sock feeders, you’ll typically see feeders that are about 8-12” tall with 2-5” diameter. These feeders are quite common, simple to place throughout your yard, and affordable.

Finch Feeder Prices

Prices for finch feeders range from $10 for smaller models to upwards of $50 for especially large models that feed several different birds at once. The best types of feeders will cost about $20 on average, letting you easily feed the finches while not having to spend more than budgets allow.

Finch Feeder Parts

Parts for most finch feeders will include the base, the reservoir, and for standing platform feeders, an area which you can place fruit and jelly on. For smaller feeders that only allow for nectar feeding, you will only need the base and the reservoir. Some feeders have special attachments for hooking right onto a jar of jelly or marmalade, making them a good choice for finch feeders.

Other parts may include extra bases ante reservoirs, cleaning brushes, and of course plenty of seed to add to the feeder. You will also need extra hooks for hanging the feeder as well as caps for screwing and securing feed safely inside. Finch feeder parts can be purchased at an affordable price online or at your local pet shop.

Finch Feeder Plans

Finding a finch feeder plan can be quite simple. Finch feeder plans include house-style plans, platform plans, and mesh or sock feeders. Sock feeder plans are easy to build and only require a few items such as metal or plastic for the main standing unit, along with a mesh or sock exterior. Finding the best plan can make it easy to build a feeder for your finches.

Finch feeder plans include those for smaller feeders that have 2-4 ports, as well as larger plans that let you add as many as 8 or 10 feeding ports. To attract more birds, it’s a good idea to plan for plenty of different ports as part of your finch feeder plan.

Build Your Own Finch Feeder

To build your own finch feeder, simply assemble the necessary parts including wood, wire, mesh or sock, and plastic, if needed. Your plan should instruct you on how best to cut or resize your parts so that they will fit together properly. You will also need to craft a proper feeling platform that lets birds get to feed, jelly, nectar, or fruit.

Once all parts are sized properly as your feeder plan dictates, simply assemble them all correctly. You may need wire cutters, a hammer, glue, and a saw to make extra corrections. When finished with the assembly, hang your finch feeder in the desired location on your lawn or porch area.

When building your own feeder, you may wish to add a water source as part of your plan. Finches tend to congregate around areas where they are able to find plenty of water sources. Water droppers, birdbaths, and other water types are great additions to finch areas.

Additionally, as part of your finch feeder plan, you can add zinnias, hemlock, dandelions, sunflowers, and birch as part of the landscape area. Birds love these types of foliage and will often flock to areas that include them in the outdoor landscape.

Finch Feeding Tips

To feed finches, there are a few important tips that will help to draw these brightly-colored birds to your area. Yellow finches love to have a spot that is nice and safe, with the feeder hanging from poles or trees about six to eight feet high. You can also hang your feeder in a separate place from other feeders to attract more finches, since they tend to be solitary and shy in general.

In addition to filling your feeder with fruit and jam, finches also enjoy seeds such as millet, goldenrod, flax, and dandelion. Marmalade, jam, jelly, and oranges tend to be high on the list of things that finches love.

You can also add niger thistle seeds, which finches tend to enjoy a great deal. Finches love shaded and protected areas, as well. Providing nesting places for them to quietly protect young while feeding is a great idea for attracting plenty of birds.

In terms of habitat and range, finches tend to love to eat weed seeds and will often frequent areas that have open wooded areas, roadsides or thickets, as well as weeded fields. If you add sunflowers and thistle sections to your yard, you are more likely to attract finches to the yard.