Dove Bird Feeders

Finding the right dove feeder is a great way to ensure these beautiful birds come to safely perch and eat at your home. When finding a dove feeder, platform feeders tend to be the best type, as doves like to perch and devour seed. Giving doves a safe, secure location to eat will allow them to happily be nourished while keeping their young in sight.

Top Dove Feeders

1) Window Dove Feeder

Window Dove Feeder

Providing a wide clear area to let you view birds as much as you wish, the perch for resting allows birds to get a feast of seed provided through this unique window dove feeder. Great for viewing beautiful birds up close. Includes 4 window suction cups for extra attachment power.

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2) Contempo Creatures Squirrel Resistant Feeder

Contempo Creatures Squirrel Resistant

Allowing you to view birds close up from the comfort of your own home, the powerful cups for suctioning to the window keep this unit secure for birds to feed from. Beautiful dove viewing feeder with drainage holes to keep seed from getting moldy or soggy.

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3) GrayBunny Gazebo Feeder for Doves With Hanging Rope

GrayBunny Gazebo Feeder for Doves With Hanging

Including a design from hard plastic and an excellent gazebo-style feeding unit, this Gray Bunny feeder is ideal for doves. The circular design lets birds feed many at a time, enclosed using seed housing to prevent leakage or wetness of the seed. The clear housing unit lets you see when seed is getting low.

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4) Audobon Going Green Platform Feeder

Audobon Going Green Platform

Designed from 90% recycled plastic, this unit provides doves with a sturdy powder coated area to feed from. Including screen bottom made from metal for better drainage, this unit is great for doves of all sizes to feed from.

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5) Backyard Boys Woodworking Dove Platform Feeder

Backyard Boys Woodworking Dove Platform

Designed from beautiful and sturdy western red cedar, this unit provides a metal mesh bottom for better draining capacity. Allows morning doves to ground feed from the platform as they often prefer.

Dove Feeder Selection Tips

The best dove feeder will help to keep squirrels and weather free from your feeder while providing seed and other food to birds who come around. Getting birds to be attracted to the feeder can be an initial challenge, but there are a few important types of feeders that can help to draw more doves at once. These include house or hopper feeders, tube feeders, window feeders, or platform feeders.

Additionally, finding the best food for your feeders is important. Doves tend to like cracked corn, safflower and millet seeds. When providing these seeds to doves, you will generally have an easier time of bringing them to your feeder.

Dove Feeder Sizes

Sizes for dove feeders are fairly small, such as window feeders that are 5-9 inches in width and length. There are also some feeders that come in sizes greater than one to two feet to provide doves a larger surface. You may also use these types of feeders to let multiple birds perch and eat at the same time.

Dove Feeder Prices

Prices for dove feeders are quite reasonable, ranging from $10-$20 for the low end, with $50 for a higher priced feeder that holds more seed. On average, expect to pay about $20 or $25 for a feeder in window or platform variety.

Dove Feeder Plans

Dove feeder plans are available online for house style feeders, platform feeders, and window feeders that you can build yourself using some basic equipment obtained from a local hardware store. The great thing about using a plan for your dove feeder is that you’ll be able to make the additions you want, such as an extra feed storage area or something to add greater suction to your feeder surface if you plan to put it on a window.

When finding the right dove feeder plans, be sure to consider where you want to watch doves perch and feed within your lawn area. If you hope to attract doves to the main area of your deck or lawn, a house style dove feeder plan may be best, or a platform feeder plan. However, if you wish to watch them feed right from your kitchen window, you will need a window feeder plan.

Building Your Own Dove Feeder

To build a dove feeder, you need to first find the right dove feeder plan. Once you’ve obtained a plan that works well for your needs, you can assemble it based on the parts you’ve obtained, including metal, wood, glue, and wire ties. When you’ve finished obtaining all the necessary parts, you can simply put together each piece after cutting down to size.

Then, once you have assembled your feeder, simply place it in the right place where you wish to see doves perch. They tend to feed best on platform feeders, so if you want to get plenty of birds into your yard, it’s a good idea to build one of these.

Dove Food

Doves like fruit and greens, as well as corn, wheat, and cereals. Corn is a good food to feed to doves, as well. In general, doves mainly eat cereals which have the right balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Corn does have more vitamin A, which they need in adequate supply. Corn is good because it has lots of carbohydrate and protein, but don’t feed too much corn to your doves at it is high in calories and can have negative consequences for doves’ weight.

Greens and fruit are a good thing to add to the doves’ diet, including spinach, carrots, peas, broccoli, bananas, and apples. Doves will usually eat these types of snacks a few times each week. Seed will still remain the primary form of food for does, however.

Dove Feeding Tips

When getting doves to come to your yard to feed, try to observe where they are building their nests. Some doves will incubate eggs on a regular basis, with males and females looking very similar. Doves may move their nests if they sense the area is dangerous, so it is best to make sure you keep your distance from their nesting zone.

When placing your feeder, try to keep an eye on the doves’ nesting area so you don’t disturb it. As long as they feel that the feeding area is safe, they will generally come to eat there.

Tips for Attracting Doves to Your Feeder

To get doves to eat at your feeder, make sure it doesn’t get placed too close to doors since they will cause noise, which stresses doves out. Doves also should never be touched as this can make them leave the nest and suffer. Providing food near the nests in platform feeders is a good way to let them eat and then go back to their nest quickly to provide for young.